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Legislative Priorities

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Public Policy Platform

Every year the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce publishes a Public Policy Platform, approved by the Board of Directors, which outlines the Chamber’s legislative priorities. Our advocacy team works to communicate these positions to Roseville representatives on the local, state, and federal level. The Public Policy Platform is subject to the Board’s updates and modification.

If you have any questions or would like to raise policy issues you believe are important to the business community, please reach out to Marlo Bourland, the Public Policy Coordinator, at


Current policy positions can be found HERE

The business community and government must work together to ensure Roseville’s economy stays strong and continue to attract a growing community. The Chamber supports a balanced government that focuses on keeping control with its local constituents.

Support Positions:
• Support government reform that streamlines process and provides cost-effective services
• Support reform to bring government back to local control, allowing for more direct access to decision making
• Support efforts to reform the California budgeting process and structure to encourage long-term fiscal stability with limits on unnecessary spending
• Support a more equitable method of distribution of funding of local governments

Roseville is home to a vibrant business community that is continuing to grow and attract new investment in the region. The Chamber believes in bolstering local business by supporting policy that works for employers and allows them to thrive in California.

Support Positions:
• Support legislation that reduces business income taxes
• Support simplification of the tax code
• Support legislation for rational regulatory and tax policies
• Support incentives for business expansion in Roseville
• Support efforts to reduce business cost caused by litigation and by promoting mediation and/or arbitration
• Support the simplification of complying with federal and state tax law
• Support efforts to simplify and expedite regulatory review and permitting processes for new and existing businesses and construction projects
• Support legislation that provides funding to support business recovery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
• Support legislation, regulations and government agency actions respects the rights of private property owners and does not infringe upon same.

Oppose Positions:
• Oppose taxation of a specific industry or group, unless such measure is shown to be directly related to impacts caused by the industry or group
• Oppose tax law changes that harms California’s high-tech innovation leadership on a national or global stage
• Oppose unnecessary or burdensome taxes and fees on businesses

An educated workforce is imperative to creating and sustaining a highly competitive business community in Roseville. It is important that we promote a strong education system to meet the needs for an educated and skilled workforce.

Support Positions:
• Support local priorities and implementation for attaining high academic standards
• Support the funding and expansion of  technology focused education
• Support cooperation among educators, parents, the business community, and community organizations to provide educational goals and priorities
• Support a well-rounded educational experience, including but not limited to foreign language education, arts, and technology
• Support adult retraining through incentive based public and private sector programs
• Support communication between business and the educators to assure that education and training programs are closely following employer and labor market needs
• Support hands on training programs for students and adults looking to gain new knowledge
• Support improving the quality of education though professional training for teachers
• Support increased local control of education
• Support the expansion of highly skilled programs, such as nursing and ancillary programs at the community college and university levels to ensure adequate healthcare staffing
• Support initiatives bolstering STEM education
• Support initiatives supporting construction trade and automotive mechanical trades education
• Support expanded access to higher education
• Support additional funding for mental health and counseling services to promote behavioral well-being and encourage academic achievement for students
• Support programs at the high school level to introduce students to trade and apprenticeship programs
• Support the community college systems efforts to promote trade certificate programs in key areas, including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical

With the ongoing healthcare crisis going on throughout the United States, the Chamber recognizes that it is an important topic to Roseville residents. We must promote a quality healthcare system that is accessible and affordable to all while bolstering the talents of healthcare professionals.

Support Positions:
• Support policies that create open communications between the business community and government on the topic of employer provided healthcare
• Support policies to reduce healthcare costs and assure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality, and efficient healthcare
• Support policies to increase funding of Medicare and Medicaid
• Support the prioritizing of funding and access to mental health programs
• Support policies that encourage continued medical discoveries and innovation that improve quality of life
• Support policies that encourage competitive marketplaces to reduce pharmaceutical and healthcare plan costs
• Support legislation that allows employers to offer affordable benefits
• Support re-defining or broadening language in the Affordable Care Act as it relates to coverage for patients with pre existing conditions and those in need of mental health services
• Support policies to assist healthcare providers in increasing their capacity to meet the growing need for access to care

Oppose Positions:
• Oppose policy attempting to establish a government-mandated healthcare system
• Oppose legislation that will result in an increase of medical malpractice insurance rates for physicians
• Oppose any mandates upon employer provided, or forced employee healthcare coverage 

The Chamber recognizes the ongoing struggle to ensure affordable housing in order to improve local quality of life. We promote policies that facilitate the building of full range housing to accommodate a growing Roseville.

Support Positions:
• Support policies that enhance Roseville’s ability to maintain local control over housing development needed to comply with state mandates
• Support policies to streamline and simplify the application and approval process for housing developments
• Support policies to narrow the definition of wetlands
• Support the efforts to align State and Federal definitions of wetlands
• Support the construction of low-income, moderate-income and middle-income housing through incentives
• Support policies to provide funding local programs to address homelessness and early intervention
• Support programs to address mental health and drug use among the homeless population

Oppose Positions:
• Oppose legislation aimed at imposing rent control policies
• Oppose ballot-box land use planning

Infrastructure policy touches every Roseville resident though their use of water, energy, utilities, and transportation. It is imperative that the business community emphasizes the importance of infrastructure investments to improve quality of life.

Support Positions:
• Support expanding regional transportation facilities, projects, and funding
• Support legislation, tax credits, and incentives that promote more efficient goods movement on highways and rail lines
• Support advocating for the implementation and funding of a national freight policy
• Support measures that improve and mitigate adverse impacts to water quality
• Support measures to increase water supply though increased storage
• Support efforts to educate and encourage businesses on reducing water usage and increasing efficiency of water conservation efforts
• Support regulations that will preserve the control of publicly owned utilities
• Support policy allowing local municipalities to implement programs that best suit the community
• Support the development of new technology that facilitates the advancement of energy efficiency, sustainability, and alternative fuels programs
• Support legislation that encourages innovative utility and telecommunications infrastructure

One of the largest costs that employers face is hiring workers, maintaining a safe workplace, and complying with government workplace regulations. It is imperative that employers are given the freedom to create healthy and productive environments for their workers.

Support Positions:
• Support flexibility in work schedules for employees
• Support policy to give greater simplification of meal and rest periods
• Support alterations to workers’ compensation law that balances employer liabilities and employee benefits
• Support legislation to promote arbitration/mediation that benefit both employer and employee
• Support educational efforts and programs intended to improve skills of workers
• Support the simplification of government regulations to ensure compliance
• Support efforts to repeal AB 5 and the definition of employees and independent contractors or amend AB 5 by adding industry exemptions

Oppose Positions:
• Oppose policies that unfairly penalize employers
• Oppose legislation forcing businesses to release pay data to governmental agencies
• Oppose policy to target specific industries to control how they compensate their employees

Public safety is paramount to creating a comfortable living environment for Roseville residents. The Chamber must promote policies aimed at keeping local businesses safe and well informed.

Support Positions:
• Support a strong public safety response system
• Support policies to create a well-funded and efficient environment for emergency responders
• Support programs to provide education about business, home, and personal safety preparedness
• Support policies to create continued trust between law enforcement and residents
• Support policies that address crime against business in order to reduce it and assist affected business owners